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YOU are your child's secret weapon.

The Light of the Home

Meet KC Hollmann, one of our BGC Center's clients. She's her son's secret weapon: a combination of mother's love + hard work + positive mindset bringing happiness and light to her son's life. We met this single, homeschooling mom when she called us while searching for a summer enrichment program for her then 9-year-old son. This is her story.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms reading this. We know that raising

children is not easy--parenting should have been offered as a college class! Here, we share tips for busy moms who put everyone's needs before theirs:

4 Tips for Busy Moms

  1. Have a dedicated physical space for yourself--even just a small corner in your home exclusively used as a 'me' space. Establish boundaries between you and your motherly duties, even for a short while.

  2. Have a morning routine. Plan minutes for prayer or meditation, exercising, journaling, or setting your intentions for the day. Keep it simple and easy.

  3. Find a social support network. Find like-minded moms who share the same philosophy in life, hobby or concerns as you. Ideally, these groups should be safe, respectful spaces where you can allow vulnerability as you share your wins and challenges as a mom.

  4. Remember that you matter. Regularly pause and intentionally carve time for yourself and your needs . Ask for help when you need.



Sometimes, we may think: "Oh, my child's just lazy. He just needs to put in more effort." Have we considered that the problem could be beyond that--especially if this comment is uttered regularly?

Sometimes, the brain's ability to process is the culprit and in such cases, effort alone isn't enough. By strengthening cognitive skills like memory, attention, visualization, logic and processing speed, reading and learning become easier tasks which the child no longer avoids. Book an assessment with us to learn about your child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

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