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Hot Lessons We Learned in 2023

Reflecting on the last 12 months brings back vivid memories of moving to our new offices, the feeling of a happy-kind-of-tiredness at the end of a training day, the joy of witnessing students improve so much in just a few months, and the "nakakataba ng puso" fulfillment hearing clients report how we've changed their lives. We worked more seamlessly together, and stretched ourselves to go beyond the box when training young kids to adults.

BrainRx Philippines co-founders Joy Go & Mel Sua reflect on their own lessons for living and training, culled from 12 years of running a center:

1.   It won't be easy but it's worth it.  

This goes for working with a difficult student, a case we've not encountered, a new system or challenges. We are definitely problem-solvers and champions of the growth mindset.

2.   We need to advocate for our students.  

We work towards mutual understanding and alignment with parents for our students' wholistic development.  As long as we see parents going that extra mile for our students, we don't give up. 

3.  Everyone is at different stages of their learning journey and we don't get to see the whole picture.

That goes for each student, parent, educator, caregiver and all of us in the team.  We don't see what's behind the scenes, even if we meet daily or connect on social media. It truly, truly takes a village to raise a learner (especially a good one).  Let us be kind to each other as we strive towards excellence in character and work ethics.  

4.  We hold in our hands the future of society.

The most beautiful thing happens when we change the trajectory of a student's life. As eyes light up when the student engages more with his/her learning and environment, and confidence is shown in his/her walk and talk, we take pride in knowing we've done our job well and feel happy for the future.  

Wishing a lovely 2024 to all!


Sneak peek:  Math, anyone?

MathRx, our newest 1-on-1 training program, will be available in our center soon for students to take. Different from the typical math tutoring, this powerful intervention not only helps people with dyscalculia, but is also great for strengthening executive function and enriching math skills. If you have a child or student needing support in these areas, watch our space in IG / FB!


A Pre-teen's Thoughts

Mia recently reflected on her brain training journey. Her honest, refreshing feedback reminds us that we also learn from our students as they learn from us.

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