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From 1’s and 2’s (out of 5), his grades went up to 3’s and 4’s with a recent 5 in Math – a subject he had the most difficulty with before. I don’t need to tutor him anymore at home as he studies on his own now. Our relationship is better. 

 - Rus, father of Paolo, 15yo
Developing growth mindset

"For the moms and kids who would benefit from this program, I'm sure that there is something that they have to improve with, and there's at least one activity in BrainRx that would help them improve that problem so that they can become better people."

A heartfelt reflection from Rafa, 10 years old

Thank you to his trainers for being very patient and encouraging with him! I think we've achieved all the goals we set up for Santi and that he now has the tools, skills, and the training to succeed in school and in life!

BrainRx, ReadRx have been very enriching and helpful for my son, Santi. These have helped him in so many areas like better focus and attention. These have helped him academically perform better, improve his comprehension skills, process, organization, improve his drive to excel and persevere in all his tasks. His communication skills improved and even his empathy and compassion for others.

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Ines Prieto, mom of
10yo Santi, Beacon
International School
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 I’m excited to see my improvements at school especially my math grades. I’m sad that my program is going to end but I will use the things that I trained here at BrainRx. I’ll try being more responsible so I can keep up with the activities in school so I won’t get lower grades. And I will study harder this year because I’m graduating now. I’m going to make my trainings worth it.

Terence, 10yo,
Don Bosco Makati

My experience in BrainRx is so fun. Some students don’t enjoy their sessions but me, I enjoy them very much. Everyone there is very kind…Even though I’m not that good, my trainer keeps telling me to push whenever my brain gets tired.

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Koda’s biggest takeaway in training was his improved communication skills and processing speed.He can now crack jokes and can even think of quick comebacks. His sense of humor was a skill he really explored during training.

from Koda's trainer, Trainer Ia

Koda’s journey in training is a discovery of skills. At the beginning of training, he was very compliant and would be very agreeable. However, he was not discerning what was happening to him during training. As his skills in logic and reasoning improved, he began to be more curious and he asked lots of questions about the procedures. He would also self-reflect and communicate to the trainer directly what he liked and what he found challenging.

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The results were amazing -- each child has their strengths and weaknesses, and the trainers under the guidance of Joy were able to maximize their potential in some areas, while improving other areas through training.

I recommend these training sessions if possible to all kids!

I put all three of my children through BrainRx because the assessment was very thorough and accurate. 

Karmela Oreta-

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Myto, 13yo,
Ateneo de Manila University

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But then Trainer Rej, the person that inspired me to continue, motivated me to do more said the words, 'It's okay Myto. It's only your first time doing these exercises so it's expected to be bad at it.' After those words, I continued on. And now it's the end of my training, and honestly I feel nostalgia typing this and honestly I feel I should have used my time a bit more effectively. Although I regret not using my time wisely, the experience here was so great and Trainer Rej is the one that tied it all together."

So as my mom told me that I was going to BrainRx, I first thought of it as a chore, an obstacle before my very important and not messed up sleep schedule and play schedule, but then I heard the words "You'll get a reward for doing it" so I thought why not. In the first day I was very bad at the exercises, always beating myself up about how bad I am.

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I know my grandkids will be happier and better persons as they undergo BrainRx.

BrainRx is perfect for kids developing life and study skills. Having taken it at a late senior year, I understand how important it is and how I wish it was available in my time.

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Mabsi, 74yo

My mom saw the change that has happened and told me and I never knew. My family saw that I improve and they were very happy. I also got better in class with my teacher. 

It was very fun but before BrainRx I was different. I was distracted and always thinking slower. I noticed it was getting harder but some activities made it fun.

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 B., 11yo, Xavier School

It’s also easier for him to do long division now!

C  is easier to teach now because he understands concepts faster. He can also read better, and doesn’t just look at the pictures anymore, like when reading comic books.

Mom of C., Student with Dyslexia & ADD

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I was the first one to answer a game played in class when I’m normally not the first.  One day, I understood what the words written on Starcraft 

meant. I couldn’t read Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard before, but I enjoy it now!” 

I feel like I am able to memorize things better in school. I was also able to anticipate my opponent’s next move while we were playing hide-and-seek in school.

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 N., 10yo, International School Manila

After talking to some of his teachers, they had noticed he was putting his hand up in class a lot more and was indeed more confident. I highly recommend the BrainRx system to any child whether they are struggling or not with schoolwork.”

He came home several times telling me he had finished his classwork first and was sometimes even helping the other students. He was very proud of himself as he had always struggled in Math in particular.

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Mom of G., 13yo,
British School Manila

There were lots of fun games, exercises, and jokes throughout my entire training. They were all super fun, so fun that I forgot that they were actually helping me. During our sessions, I just felt like I was having fun with friends. Outside of sessions, I found the little improvements certain exercises made whenever I did basically anything.


My training's really helped me focus, have more fun when doing tasks, and overall led me on the path to becoming a better person. Thank you BrainRx and Teacher Melly!

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My story with BrainRx was amazing. 


At first, I was kind of skeptical about the program and I thought my mom only sent me because she didn't think my concentration, focus, and planning skills were good. Basically a boot camp. 


But! Throughout my training, I found out that BrainRx was actually just a learning space for chaotic minds to just learn how to be a bit more organized.

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 Sabine, 13 yo,
Keys School Manila

After the brain training, he is now able to express his emotions. We noticed that he matured in a lot of ways and has become a better person despite that he's special. He is now more independent and has sense of responsibility.

BrainRx has helped a lot in improving our special boy's daily living. He has improved his way of communication with other people. He has improved a lot with his focus and is now able to multitask.

Aide of  J., 25yo

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Developing grit and personal empowerment

"At first, it seems hard like you wanna give up, you wanna scream.  But just be calm, relax.  It's really nice when you do it and when you complete everything.  You feel just amazing, like a sense of happiness."

A heartfelt reflection from Sophie, 10 years old

Audrey's #MyBrainRxStory

" I wasn't memorizing or doing maths like a traditional class.  I was learning real-life skills that I started to apply to my daily life. I noticed that I was thinking more clearly and focusing more, which meant that I was able to think through an idea or thought from start to end, which I had a hard time doing before the program. My experience here is just another testament to the power of one's will and determination and that if we put or mind into doing something and commit to it, nothing is truly impossible."

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