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Help children and adults focus, remember, process, and learn better through evidence-based cognitive training. Different from tutoring.

Upcoming training dates:

BrainRx New Licensee Training

February 22 to 25, 2024 (Thu to Sat)
@ Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Change lives for a living

If you're passionate about helping people and are interested to grow your own education center, consider BrainRx--now available in over 35 countries!


Watch this 5-minute video for an overview of brain training, its impact, and what it's like to be a licensee.

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What We Do

See how we're making an impact at our center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Talk to us on the possibility of starting your own center or offering BrainRx as one of your current center's programs.  


As the BrainRx Master Developers for the Philippines, we offer licensing opportunities (similar to franchising) as well as provide training and support to maximize our licensees' success. 

Interested in offering our programs in your center? 

A look at our Clients


"As a parent, I'm really happy with the improvements I saw in my child... He's able to absorb things faster and now enjoys games that require thinking. He's also improved his reading skills and now reads chapter books. His logic and problem-solving skills also improved especially when answering Math problems. It makes me a happy homeschooler mama!"

KC Hollman, with son Benz 
BrainRx @ BGC

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Veronica Saulo (educator/curriculum consultant), enrolled her sons, Liam and Bryce, into the BrainRx program. Consistently satisfied with the improvements during training, she decided to open a BrainRx center with colleague, Gem. Together, these friends are changing lives for a living!

BrainRx @ Alabang-BF Homes

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