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An Event for Parents by Parents!

Every March, we celebrate Brain Awareness Week -- a global campaign to support and raise awareness on brain health.

This March 13th, join us through our Facebook livestream as BrainRx parents share their experiences in raising both neurotypical and neurodivergent children, and how they navigate through challenges in parenting and learning:

  • Dr. Glenn Angeles, ophthalmologist and animal lover, and entrepreneur-wife Shar Angeles are parents of two teens

  • Corporate professional and parent coach Darlene Uy has two kids, one of whom is a neurodivergent teen

  • Joy S. Go, cognitive specialist & co-founder of BrainRx Philippines & KIT101 Art, will be our event host 

Let's gain insights as they tackle topics like:  

  • As parents with multiple roles and hats, how do they handle obstacles?  What works for them? 

  • What approaches have these parents tried when hurdling through challenges in their kids' learning?  (ex. homework battles)  

  • For one mom with a thriving neurodivergent teen with autism, how did she enable her child to reach this kind of development?  

  • What kind of goals do these parents have for their kids? What's their thinking process?

Through this event, we hope to inspire a community dedicated to helping kids thrive.  

We look forward to reading your comments in our FB thread on the 13th of March!  See you there.


A Milestone for our Center

Andy, who's 50 years old, is our first traumatic brain injury student. He started his program in August 2023 and while he's still not done, we are very thrilled that his family is already seeing significant progress in his cognition.  

Going through the training procedures hasn't been easy for Andy, so we're quite proud of him for working hard. Kudos also to his amazing wife Sandra for not giving up and for creating his support system!  

Much thanks, Sandra, for your wonderful review.


Did somebody say summer?

Get your brain pumping through fun brain training! Start planning a productive summer to prepare your kids for the next school year. Avoid the summer slide!

With our new program, MathRx, we'll be able to tackle the skills that make math such a difficult subject for many AND improve executive functions at the same time.

Book an assessment to find out how your cognitive skills fare and if there any weak ones that are the blocks to efficient learning.

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