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Who's Got GRIT? Watch us on FB Live!

Watch our Facebook LIVE talk

"Grit: Stories of Empowerment"

In support of Brain Awareness Week (March 16-22), we celebrate people young and old whose lives were changed by BrainRx training and grit. They are people who inspire us in the team, and whom we want everyone to learn from -- like Paolo Ray who at 14 years old came to us with academic concerns, learning struggles and low self-confidence but with so much heart! Or Audrey, a 40-year-old mom who had chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment--how she struggled through the process! You may not know them but you likely know people going through the same struggles. Are they receiving support? Are we understanding them? In today's world where perseverance and resilience are all the more essential to thrive, may their stories inspire.


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Mark your calendars! March 15 SUN 11AM to 1PM


COGNITIVE TRAINING changes a child's life.

Ask us if we're the right program for your child's needs. Take advantage of the summer break to train intensively and sharpen cognitive skills. We have successfully handled:

  • focus, memory and comprehension issues

  • reading & learning concerns

  • students who have gone through conventional interventions and still need improvement

Remember to book your Assessment ahead of time!

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