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The wind beneath the wings... or brain? 🐥

Dads matter!

Fatherhood, in any shape or form, matters just as much as motherhood. Emerging studies show that having an involved father figure early on in life may influence positive impact on a child's development. Children with present father figures show higher confidence, better grades and less high-risk behaviors. To all dads, titos and lolos, be a constant, engaging presence in children's lives. We wish you a Happy Father's Day!


3 ways to enhance father-child connections

1. Ask yourself: "How do I want my children to remember me as a father?" Envisioning this may help you be more intentional with how you spend time with your child.

2. Set aside some kid & dad time! Go on bonding dates with your children, preferably one-on-one (if you have multiple children). Do something that the two of you will both find fun and engaging. Take turns choosing. 3. Know your children and let them know you. Get to know about their day, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, and show interest in what interests them. Show vulnerability--share parts of yourself makes them understand you more and feel safer in your presence.


Useful Parenting Tool!

Help children find the right tools for them to grow, think and expand learning. Start by using one of the tools that help you understand how strong or weak their brain's ability to learn is.


We love David S.

Watch this video to hear from one of our enthusiastic BrainRx dads, David Solozabal!



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