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Parents are the first teachers--do you agree?

Parents are the #1 builders

Parents play a most crucial role in building the learning foundation in a child's life from his early years onwards. They aid in the development of varied life skills a child must learn--skills such as self-regulation, ability to follow routines, language and communication skills that enable the child to function in the world. As the child grows, parents create a village of fellow-builders and invite caregivers, teachers, family members and professionals to co-raise the child for him/her to thrive.


We celebrate motherhood.

BrainRx Philippines co-founder Joy S. Go recently chatted with Dr. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao, a physician and integrative health practitioner, and Christine 'Tin' Dychiao, an advocate for conscious living and the Philippines' first KonMari consultant, on the topic of finding balance and coping as busy moms.

A key takeaway for Donna is that the way moms balance is like balancing on a skateboard or bike -- there are smooth roads, but there are holes and unpaved paths and that having different areas like faith in God, self-care, knowing your purpose, and having order to help us balance and pedal on. Tin shared that when we sort through and declutter our physical spaces, we clear our minds and rebalance ourselves. For Joy, tuning in to our bodies and noticing our feelings, actions and reactions help give us signals to pause and reset.

Wherever we are at the stage of motherhood, let us always seek balance (however you define it) and work towards sustaining it. Recently, we had lovely moms Marga Valdez-Trinidad, Sabrina Uy, Cata Tibayan-Yao and Luna Garcia over as guests in a motherhood-bonding event together with Mel Sua and Joy Go. In this Parenting Oasis, we shared thoughts, explored, freed our minds through an art-making activity ably hosted by KIT101 Art. The group was certainly surprised with the results :) Thank you again, ladies, for gamely joining in!


Our center saves the day--plus the schoolyear!

First-time parents go through growing pains, having no experience on raising kids and what to do in the face of parenting obstacles. Like many first-time parents still charting the waters, Jert and Cata Yao tried out the usual strategies and realized that they needed something different. Watch them recount their #MyBrainRxStory as a couple united in their goal of helping their son, Conner, overcome his reading and learning challenges. A must watch!


It's never too late--she's 15.

This #MyBrainRxStory is written by the full-time working dad of a 15-year-old teen who was having a tough time. Kudos to all dads and moms for believing in and never giving up on your kids! You are gold.






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