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Our Filipino students won! | Virtual Open House

BrainRx BGC Students Awarded!

Two BrainRx BGC Center students, Santi Prieto and Samantha Joson, recently received awards in the search for BrainRx Global Student of the Year 2021. Congratulations to them and to Julia Cabilangan and Yza Sullera for making it as Finalists! Their hard work and perseverance during their training sessions with us yielded fantastic improvements in their academic and daily lives. We are so proud and happy for them. These four make wonderful examples to students young and old!


For curious parents, join our...

Register by clicking the button below. Limited slots only -- sign up today! Participants must be visible (videos on) at all times.


When the learning gets tough...

...The Tough Gets Growing!" Our very own Mel L. Sua, Director for Training and Co-founder, gave a well-received webinar last January 29th on how we can help children change the way they see challenges to help them persevere, overcome self-doubt and improve their understanding and abilities.Joining the Q&A was Joy S. Go, BrainRx BGC Center Director and Co-founder.

Here, we share some reflection points on how we could develop a Growth Mindset in ourselves and in our children:

1. Acknowledge that there's some fixed mindset within us

2. Identify what triggers our fixed mindset

3. Develop a plan on how to take a more proactive role in adapting a growth mindset at home and in school

4. Execute plan and slowly turn it into a habit


Seeing learning concerns?

(in focus, memory, comprehension, reading...)

Do you know the cause?

Have your child take a Cognitive Skills Test with us to find out if his/her cognitive skills (i.e. working memory, visual processing, logic, processing speed, etc.) could be a root cause of learning concerns.

Our testing is science-based with published studies. You will get a gauge of how strong your child's core cognitive skills are. These are the underlying skills everyone uses in thinking and understanding.

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