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Hot-wire your brain for reading success!


Our brains are naturally wired to speak but not to read or write.

It's true. Reading is a complex and unnatural process that requires the development of a whole new circuitry in the brain. Some brains are able to integrate this process more efficiently than others - which is where the divide occurs.

In typical readers: The pathway used by the brain to read and comprehend is like taking the expressway to get from point A to point B. Good readers find the process quick, easy, and straightforward without experiencing road blocks.

In atypical readers:

The expressway is not as accessible. Struggling readers slow down, take detours and sometimes backtrack several steps to try anew. While they may reach the destination eventually, the process of getting from point A to B is taxing, frustrating and feels so long. It requires more effort and energy compared to typical readers.


Contrary to what some may believe, one does not simply "grow out" of weak reading skills.

Difficulties can magnify and contribute to a vicious cycle as the child grows older.

Children who fail at reading dislike reading. They do not expand their vocabulary and rules of language. Their limited vocabulary affects their comprehension. Limited comprehension contributes to further reading difficulties. They end up disliking reading more than peers who are strong readers.

Thankfully, with advancements in science and research, with the right interventions, the brain can be rewired for more efficient reading.

If you have a loved one struggling with reading: Reach out to us! Check if our research-backed programs are the right interventions for you. Start by knowing the student's cognitive profile through our Cognitive Skills assessment.


Important Talk Topic!

Educators and Parents! This National Reading Month, get a fresh take and broaden your perspective on helping children with reading difficulties. Register to attend our free live webinar.

Session for Educators: 27 Nov 2021 Saturday 10:30a to 12:00p

Session for Parents: 04 Dec 2021 Saturday 10:30a to 12:00p


I'm concerned over my child's reading because:

... he/she can't be convinced to read

... reads too slow for his/her age

... has difficulty understanding what he/she reads

... has limited vocabulary

... finds it hard to follow stories being read to him

... easily forgets

You're not alone! Children experience reading difficulties for a wide range of reasons. The blocks we see are often just the tip of the iceberg, but can nonetheless make day-to-day life difficult.

Get to the bottom of what may be hindering your child from efficient reading and/or learning. Booking a Cognitive Skills Assessment to better understand your child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses is a great first step to helping them thrive!


"C is an honor student, but she has verbalized difficulty in studying (i.e. constantly re-reading parts from long sections, and ends up spending too much time). We have seen significant improvements in her comprehension skills after 6 months with BrainRx.

She analyzes things even better now. C's confidence also improved a lot. . . . C realized her potential and believes herself more. We have always known that she is capable and equipped, and BrainRx gave her that little nudge that she needed to believe that herself. Thank you, BrainRx!" - Mom of C., 16yo



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