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Focus and Flow!

Improving our students’ learning ability continues to be our team's main goal. While brain training remains our core way of achieving this, we do support families in other means via newsletters, social media posts and events, the first of which are our Open House on Saturday, January 25th, and a learning event called "Focus & Flow" on Sunday afternoon, February 2nd (scroll down).

For this newsletter, we’ll go back to the basics of teaching and learning.

Bloom’s taxonomy is a widely-accepted cognitive framework used by educators to create learning goals and plans. Under this framework, for successful learning, students MUST be able to, in this order: remember first, then understand, before they can apply, analyze, evaluate and create using knowledge and skills learned.

Following this, children will only be able to create a good piece of writing, for instance, when they have fully grasped and understood content--not just memorize.

At work and home, the same framework CAN apply. When reading with kids, teaching a new skill or imparting unfamiliar information to family members (including the elderly with regressing cognitive faculties), work colleagues and household staff, check that these are absorbed and understood FIRST.

Above pyramid can serve as a guide in understanding where their level of learning is at. Refer to the following chart for a list of words to use to match their current learning levels, and which words to say to help them stretch and move up the next level.


Our 1st Learning Event for 2020!

To join us, text (0917) 710 3479 for payment instructions.

Net proceeds go to Chosen Children Village.

We asked top banker GINBEE GO to share how she focuses and organizes her life to manage 2,700 people across the Philippines in addition to actively fulfilling other tasks as a wife, mom, and socio-civic leader.

A graduate of U.P. Diliman and Harvard Business School, Ginbee rose from the ranks working in various companies and is currently President of BPI Family Bank.

Recognized in 2019 by PeopleAsia as one of the country's Women of Style and Substance, this affable, grounded mother of two will share the thinking and process she undertakes, and practical tips in planning and organizing to maintain the efficiency and balance she enjoys.

Ideal for adults on the path of self-improvement, young adults who want to learn from experienced mentors, and parents who want to guide their children. SEATS ARE LIMITED--BOOK EARLY.


Looking to improve focus, memory or learning ability? Now or for summer? We can help. Call or come visit! SAVE THE DATE: Jan 25 SAT.

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