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Book Reading event / Family Meeting on Goals

What 2020 Taught Us

Before we share our Goals Family Meeting idea, we would like to invite you to join us online for a BOOK READING event on Thursday, December 17th at 6pm over Facebook Live.

Our good friend and homeschooling mom Jen Chan, former radio station host and BrainRx brain trainer, will read the newly-released book "My Fantabulous Brain". To join us live, go to our Facebook page (FB: brainrxph) just before 6pm.


Does your family meet to discuss goals?

One way to bond with family members is sharing goals with each other through fun family meetings. If we do this at work, why not at home, too?

In addition to enhancing expression and communication, this process teaches every member to listen, reflect, explore, develop direction and work towards goals.

Here are 4 aims on content:


Have children and adults each develop and express their goals. These don't have to be extensive. Try 1-3 goals that are appropriate for the person's age and capability. Most kids need guidance in narrowing down and formulating thoughts. Example: "In ___, what do you think you could improve on? How do you think you can get there? Let's break it down." Write / illustrate ideas.

Let family members take an active part in the discussion, and let them write down their goals in their own words. Each member can have their own 'Goal' notebook or wall chart.

For older family members, multiple goals can cover various aspects of their lives such as school/career, hobby, personal interests, life skills, wellbeing, health, relationships. Here are good tips on developing goals for the family.

Start with simple goals!


Are members clear on the steps needed to achieve these goals? Who needs more supervision and guidance?

If execution is weak, having incentives and accountability make people more committed. Have structures in place to help people remember and 'own it'. Some examples are using a personal planner/journal that they access daily or weekly, holding regular check-ins, members talking about their progress with others, having a 'goal buddy'.


Encourage a healthy growth mindset towards the unfamiliar and challenges. Are members focused on solutions or mistakes? Do they persevere or easily give up? Do the current structures help keep members accountable?

For intrinsic motivation to occur, 3 things must be present: competence, autonomy and relatedness. Aim to have S.M.A.R.T. goals--i.e. specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely/timebound.

Foster grit--this is perseverance and passion towards attaining long-term goals according to Angela Duckworth.

Encourage, encourage, encourage.


Are goals aligned to one's values? For children, these start from knowing the values the family honors. Common examples are empathy or a love for learning, two important values for our BrainRx team.

If you empathize with people having learning or reading difficulties, watch this 5-minute clip showing highlights from our recent webinar where we processed Mical, a great movie with themes on bullying, reading challenges (dyslexia), grit, empathy and inclusivity.


A few last words... remember to:

  • Be gentle with yourself and the process.

  • Keep time and content manageable. Consider attention spans.

  • Appreciate the individuality of each family member.

  • Enjoy the process of discovery.

We'd like to hear from you! Write us back through Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and renewed spirits for 2021! Joy, Mel & the BrainRx Philippines team


8 Reasons for Taking Cognitive Skills Assessment

  1. Find the cause for any learning or performance struggle

  2. Validate observations

  3. Discover masked weaknesses

  4. Choose appropriate learning interventions

  5. Develop teaching plan better​​

  6. Make better choices on how to guide / support

  7. Establish baseline / benchmark

  8. Measure cognitive ability over time

To learn more, click the photo below for a short video.

From Nov 16 to Dec 19, every purchase of our Cognitive Skill Assessment voucher comes with a free physical copy of the book 'Grit' or 'My Fantabulous Brain'.

Choose gifts that empower! Promote self-discovery.

Ideal for:

- your favorite inaanak

- a best friend who teaches her kids

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- a relative who has everything

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