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Are we supporting teens & pre-teens enough?

Strength in Trying Times for Teens

Try as we might to protect our kids, setbacks are an inevitable part of life. They face day-to-day challenges like arguments with friends, not doing well on a test, maybe a hard video game.

There are also more serious life challenges they may encounter like the passing on of family, coping with learning disabilities or the isolation brought about by the pandemic. In these uncertain times, children are more vulnerable. How do we help them? What spells the difference between them being able to thrive and succumbing to these stressors?

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from challenges and mistakes. It is also being able to accept and adapt to circumstances that we cannot change. This is crucial for any individual to navigate the ups and downs of life and make it out well each time.

This attitude also plays a defining role in motivation and productivity. Resilient kids see stumbles as learning opportunities and are more likely to persist. Because they are confident in their ability to recover from failure, they may be open to engaging in new experiences and knowledge, with some awareness on how these contribute towards their self-improvement.


Important talk topic!

Learn how to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic stressors, and how to get on track towards thriving. We are urged to look beyond the box and think thoughtfully about how we support our children.


Is online learning...

... able to meet my child's learning needs? ... imparting long-term life skills and knowledge? ... enough? If you've been pondering on these things, you aren't alone. With distance learning, it's more challenging for schools to observe and target your child's individual needs. Parents are at the forefront seeing their own kids struggle learning from home. If you are looking for ways to bridge the gap, consider booking a Cognitive Skills Assessment with us. Better understanding of your child's strengths and weaknesses in learning is a good first step towards helping them thrive! FATHER'S DAY PROMO: Get 15% off 1 assessment and 25% off for 2 persons if you book from now until June 26, 2021!

"I noticed improvements such as sustained attention, more focus in getting work done. It seems he grew more mature and more disciplined, knowing he has to continue working and improving his work until it was done properly . . . . I highly recommend BrainRx!"

- Liz, mom of 9-year-old Lance


Soon, we will be celebrating another Father's Day in lockdown. It may not be what we hoped for, but it doesn't change how grateful we are for the awesome dads and dad figures in our lives 💙

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