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A brain camp for the family! | BOGO Promo

Hip, hip... O' Camp!

Every March, we celebrate Brain Awareness Week -- a global campaign to support and raise awareness on brain health. This year, we invite you to celebrate with us IN PERSON (yay!) by joining "HIP O' CAMP," a half-day family brain camp for kids and teens ages 5 and up. Pre-registration is required.

Kids and teens can earn camp badges by joining our brain skills scavenger hunt, which includes activities like:

  • Twisted Simon Says: Test your listening skill!

  • Speedy Game: How fast are you?

  • Memory Magic: What do you remember?

  • Attention Challenge: Don’t lose your attention!

among others!

Meanwhile, parents can engage in a fun, interactive session facilitated by renowned development pediatrician Dr. Francis Dimalanta who will discuss about the importance of attention and memory, together with BrainRx Philippines co-founders and Board-Certified Cognitive Specialists Joy S. Go and Mel L. Sua who will talk about the brain training. This is a great event to make s'more memories while keeping those brains active! See you there.


* March BOGO Promo *

Summer break is coming up! Start planning a productive summer to target what your children need. Pick activities strategically so they make best use of their time (and your resources). If math or reading is an area for improvement, find out why. Is it just additional tutoring or academic review that's needed? Sometimes it is, but sometimes it's beyond that. Our assessments can help you evaluate goals to work on better.


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