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May you flourish, Moms! 🌱 | Tips to succeed through the next months

It's the second Mother's Day in lockdown. We feel you, moms! Here are some tips to prevent brain drain, help kids improve their focus, while keeping well over another summer at home. Hang in there!


Moving Beyond Languishing

We've been in lockdown for over a year at this point. By now, you may have come across the viral NY times article that has put a name to the "blah" feeling the world has been experiencing as the pandemic stretched on.

Languishing is the "absence of feeling good about your life. . . . lack of meaning, purpose or belonging in life, which leads to emptiness, lack of emotion and stagnation" according to sociologist Corey Keyes

In a state of languishing, it can be challenging to us to go about our daily lives. For kids at home, their motivation to continue on with their online activities may be waning.

In relation to our recent BrainRx webinar on keeping well, it's important for us to understand the flipside to languishing.

Flourishing, in the words of positive psychologist Martin Seligman, "is to find fulfillment in our lives, accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile tasks, and connecting with others at a deeper level -- in essence, living the good life."

How do we move on from languishing and towards flourishing? According to research, here are some qualities that characterize flourishing individuals:

The ability to direct and re-direct attention.

It is important for us to be deliberate in how we manage our attention. Constantly directing attention towards worry, anger and the like only serves to magnify the negative. Instead, we can focus our attention on what can serve us, such as analysis, compassion, and growth.

The practice of constant improvement.

Those who flourish are always striving to improve themselves and learn more. To do otherwise leads to stagnation. Find out what you need to know, what you need to do, and work hard to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to reach your goals!

The commitment to positive experiences.

Commit to experiencing joy and delight, find meaning and purpose, and do not deprive yourself of what you need to remain healthy and happy. To flourish, we must keep ourselves open to experiencing the goodness life can offer.

The concept of flourishing resonates well with us here in BrainRx Philippines. We do our best to foster an environment where team members and students alike can bloom. While this is more challenging to do remotely, it's very much possible and well worth the effort .

Strengthening core cognitive skills may be the focus of our programs, but along the way we also equip our students with tools like positive self-talk, growth mindset, grit, and resilience--all of which help them grow into their best selves!

Want to read up more? We recommend this NY times article (a follow up to the original one about languishing) and this positive psychology article.

Find out more about our brain training programs by visiting our website or giving us a call at 0917 710 3479.

Happy reading! 🌱


Why Can't He...

Get it... be faster.... just sit and finish his task?

Is it the online setup? Is it the teacher?

Is it me?

How long have you been having such unanswered concerns? If it's as long as the pandemic, time to get some answers.

A Cognitive Skills Assessment will help you understand your child's cognitive profile by showing you how strong or weak their ability to focus, process and remember is. Knowing this, you can vary your approach in teaching and parenting.

MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL: From now till MAY 15, 2021,take 15% if you bring 1 kid, and 25% off if you bring 2 kids.


"I started getting more confident and even was getting good grades in school! I actually wanted to stop BrainRx but I'm glad I didn't quit because I learned it's okay to fail, you just have to apply the corrections next time. I'm glad I joined BrainRx because if I didn't then [I] probably wouldn't be the same person."

- 12 year old Julia C.



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