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Change Your Life This 2018 💪

"Failure is an opportunity to grow."

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck's book, Mindset, revolves around the central concept: "The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life." A person with a fixed mindset avoids challenges and gives up easily; while a person with a growth mindset embraces challenges and allows growth. This aforementioned concept applies to anyone, and in any situation. This year, resolve to changing your mindset, and always allow yourself to grow regardless of the outcome. This is also something worth teaching your kids!


"I'm not smart, I can't do it!"

5 Ways to Help a Child with a Learning Disability

Learning disabilities can prevent your child from reaching their full potential, but don't fret -- there are actually ways to help! Read this article from LearningRx, BrainRx's parent company, and find out how you can help your child thrive and shine!


Book a Cognitive Skills Assessment and find out the cause of

your child's learning struggle/s. Our assessment helps identify one's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and our brain training helps strengthen one's cognitive skills. Everyone on our mailing list gets P500 off (P3,000 instead of P3,500 for the assessment, trial session, consultation, and comprehensive report) until January 31, 2018.


"We are very happy that D. is more focused and organized. He also learns and recalls more quickly now. Thank you so much for all the time and effort the team put in. His trainer related very well with him, and he always looks forward to his sessions! He had a wonderful experience at BrainRx!"

--mom of 8-year-old D., Xavier School


Good news!

America's Most Successful Literacy Program is Here!

ReadRx is coming to the Philippines very soon, and you are one of the first to know! We are so excited to share this with you! A little teaser: Students who completed the ReadRx program in the US improved on average of 14 percentile points on state reading tests. Impressive, right?

If this interests you, send us a message or call 801-2475 or 0917-778-5889 to learn more, and get updates about our info sessions. We are giving away BIG discounts to our first enrollees!


Happy New Year!

We welcome 2018 with a grateful heart -- thank you for the trust and for helping us change lives through brain training. We are looking forward to another productive year with you!

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