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2 Hours That Could Change Your Life!

Be inspired by real stories. Learn from others. Know how to be resilient. Discover more about brain training. Do brain exercises. Get a chance to win a scholarship! Join this fun, unique and free Facebook Live event.

Watch students share real experiences.

  • A 12-year-old student will share what it felt like to struggle with his focus and emotions and the impact after he conquered it

  • A young adult will reflect back to his 14-year-old self on how he developed growth mindset and self-esteem at a crucial stage in his life

  • A breast cancer survivor mom will share how she changed her life and overcame chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment

  • plus more!

If they can, you can!


Learn from various experts.

  • BrainRx Philippines co-founders Joy Go and Mel Sua will share why knowing our cognitive strengths and weaknesses are key to understanding oneself better, and how a passion for helping and effecting improvement through the power of grit and brain training redefines life's direction

  • Child psychologist Dr. Sabrina Tan will share from a neuropsychological perspective how we can understand resilience and train these in our children

  • Columnist, entrepreneur and educator Maye Co Say will share opinions as a former BrainRx parent and student herself in the context of being a lifelong learning advocate

  • BrainRx Global Heads Andy and Pooneh Roney will grace the event to touch on global trends, latest research on learning and brain training, and impact across cultures

Meet some of our brain trainers, engage in some brain exercises, and... get a chance to win a BrainRx scholarship!

Mark your calendar today! March 13 SAT 3:30-5:30 PM


You, too, can inspire & empower.


How to watch?

  1. Like & follow our page:

  2. Click "Going" or "Interested" on the pinned Event Calendar

  3. You will then receive notifications about the event.

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