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Life is about to take off.
Is your child ready?

Make your child's early learning smoother with AccelerateRx.

  • Improve ability to pay attention

  • Enhance skill to follow instructions

  • Develop early reading and writing skills

  • Strengthen numeracy skills 

  • Improve inhibitory control

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Foundational Skills Boy.png

What is AccelerateRx?

AccelerateRx from LearningRx USA is a unique, evidence-based 1-on-1 school readiness program helping kids ages 4.5 years old & up and students with high needs. This cognitive training program develops foundational skills that are prerequisites to learning.

"I am more focused now and not standing up when doing a task... just sitting down!  Also, I am now good in writing W and Z.  AccelerateRx is very fun at the start and challenging at higher levels!"

Etham, age 6, AccelerateRx student

BrainRx BGC center (Philippines)


Know your child's cognitive strengths & weaknesses.

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