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BrainRx Stories: KC and Benz

Our innovative brain training programs from world leader LearningRx USA have helped over 100,000 lives.  


Available in the Philippines. Hear from mom KC with son Benz, and see some of the people we've helped locally.

  • ​​Children 7 years old & up

  • Struggling students

  • Average students needing a boost

  • Homework struggles

  • Students needing learning support 

  • Students preparing for high school & university

  • Attention issues & ADHD

  • Reading concerns & dyslexia 

  • Memory weakness

  • Skill enhancement

  • Declining mental sharpness

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Stroke victims

We can help


What is Brain Training?

We train your brain through game-like mental workouts done one-on-one with our brain trainers.


By strengthening the underlying critical skills you use to absorb, process and retain information, we transform your weaknesses into strengths.  Watch this video from LearningRx, creator of the BrainRx brain training program.


If you or someone you know has challenges keeping up with school or work, we can help.  

Going to a BrainRx center is like to going to a mental gym and having a mental workout with a personal trainer.  Our clients' journey starts with an assessment to get a profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  For those doing brain training, we target your weak areas and help you work towards your goals.  

Step 1:  

Cognitive Skills Assessment

The assessment uses the Gibson Test created by LearningRx to help understand how strong or weak each cognitive skill is. Results are given in age equivalent scores (up to the age of about 16), standard scores and percentile scores.  The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills is available in 19 languages including English, Filipino, Mandarin, French, Spanish.

Step 2:  


During consultation, results are discussed and a program that best suits client's needs and goals is recommended.  

Step 3:

1-on-1 Brain Training

Students do a combination of fun, game-like tabletop and digital exercises created by BrainRx that vary in complexity and intensity. Working with their trainers, students are challenged to go out of their   comfort zones to address cognitive weaknesses while enhancing strengths.

3 Steps to Stronger Cognitive Skills

“I read faster in English [now], and I don’t need to read a line over and over again to understand it. I also subtract faster. I’m the fastest in class when doing exercises that require memorization.”  – S.,  8 years old, St. Jude Catholic School

The capacity to learn is a GIFT, 

the ability to learn is a SKILL,

the willingness to learn is a CHOICE.


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