Be a BrainRx Scholar.

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Helping has always been at the core of our company's vision and mission.

Our new Scholarship Grant Program empowers our scholars with stronger brains for more efficient learning.  

With love and the right support, personal success is within nearer reach. 

 Admission is ongoing.

BrainRx Philippines is accepting applications for its Scholarship Grant Program.During community quarantine, program runs via a one-on-one format over Zoom.

We are looking to award subsidy grants to 2 students (ages 9 to 16) who would benefit from having stronger cognitive skills.  This would be the child who needs to improve in focus, memory or speed, reading or comprehension, so that learning becomes easier.  

Unlike most traditional scholarships, we not only welcome the academically-strong child (who may have masked weaknesses that are compensated by diligence), but also the average performer needing the boost our program can give to take him to the next level, or the child receiving learning support. Take a look at some of the children we've helped.

If you are interested to apply:  Carefully read this page.  Know more about what we do through this website and our Facebook page.  Should you have more questions regarding the scholarship grant, kindly direct them here.

If you applied:  Should you be selected for our shortlist, we will inform you via email.


Who are Eligible for the BrainRx Philippines Scholarship Grant?

  1. The scholarship is a needs-based subsidy grant given to a student selected by BrainRx Philippines. We consider the family's financial situation and the student's learning needs. Student's family shoulders a portion of the program expenses (refer to #3).

  2. Student must meet following criteria:

    • Be 9 to 16 years old with Filipino citizenship 

    • Studying in a Metro Manila private educational institution (grade school to high school) 

    • With good attitude

    • With learning needs/challenges identified by parent, school or specialist

    • Can commit 1 hour daily for BrainRx sessions from Tuesday to Saturday outside of school hours for 4 to 7 months following center's availability

    • Able to use Zoom on a well-functioning computer desktop or laptop with mouse, headset, camera with stable internet connection in a quiet, private work space 

  3. Student's family must meet the following:

    • Be supportive of their child's development

    • Be of good moral and credit standing

    • Be able to pay the subsidized program fee in the range of P6,000 to P9,000/month for 6-9 months via post-dated cheques  

    • Fulfill all the application requirements

How do I Apply?

  1. Read previous section "Who are eligible?".  If you meet all criteria, you may proceed to next step.

  2. Complete following 10 requirements.  Click HERE for instructions and forms.

    1. Student and Family Questionnaire  

    2. School Questionnaire  -- Click HERE for School Questionnaire form.

    3. Character & Bank References 
    4. Data Privacy Consent Form 

    5. Photo / Video Permission Release  Form

    6. Student Video (1-minute) answering our questions  

    7. Parent/s Video (1-minute) answering our questions  

    8. Photo of student's birth certificate

    9. Photo of report cards ​-- current and previous school year 

    10. Photo of Meralco bill -- current and previous month   

  3. Clicking on the form links will open a new browser tab.  Export the form as a PDF file, then either: (a) print and fill up by hand then save as a PDF or photo file, or (b) annotate directly on it and export as a new PDF file. 

  4. Once accomplished, place all 10 requirements in one (1) folder in Google Drive or Dropbox and label folder with the student's last name then first name.  Example:  Reyes, Nathan

  5. Important:  Check that files are complete, final, working and labeled and properly before proceeding to next step. 

  6. Submit application online by clicking the "APPLY button" below.  Copy the link of your shared folder onto the form there.  We are unable to accept walk-ins or hard copy submissions.