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When memory loss hits you....



A beacon of

hope and courage

Hope is the belief that a positive outcome lies ahead--one that can be difficult to hold onto in the face of cancer but not for Audrey, a mom of 3 beautiful girls and a proud cancer survivor who experienced chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment.

Through a series of five vlogs, we documented her journey and shared this to the public to encourage hope and courage in anyone meeting challenges. With her fifth vlog, we conclude the BrainRx journey of this amazing lady.

May her story inspire you.

To watch her previous four vlogs, visit our Facebook page.

"I enrolled soon after I finished [my cancer] treatment which was a bit hard in the beginning as I was still dealing with some overall side effects like fatigue but with the support of my amazing (and cool!) trainer, Joanna, and everybody else in the center, I always felt encouraged and energized when I was training. I thought I knew myself well but the 4 months of training 3-4x a week gave me some new valuable insights about myself. For me, this was the best part about BrainRX. I learned about my strengths and most importantly, my weaknesses and in the process, I learned how to address my old habits and formed new ones that addressed most of the cognitive issues I was experiencing. I wasn't memorizing or doing maths like in a traditional class, I was learning, real-life skills that I started to apply to my daily life. I noticed that I was thinking more clearly and focusing more, which meant that I was able to think through an idea or thought from start to end, which I had a hard time doing before the program.

It wasn't easy sticking to the commitment that the program requires but the results were really dramatic for not just me but also for my daughter [who went through the training also]. I just want to thank Joy, Joanna, and all the staff at BrainRX for being part of my journey - for giving me back a part of myself that I thought I had lost to cancer. My experience here is just another testament to the power of one's will and determination and that if we put our mind into doing something and commit to it, nothing is truly impossible."


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