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We miss seeing the kids!

Thank you for the lovely feedback on our first two Virtual Learning webinars! In these FREE interactive webinars, we talk about the brain and the importance of thinking skills. Teaching them to be aware is the first step to improvement. We engage them in activities and gave tips on what they could do at home. We thoroughly loved seeing the kids together--it was a refreshing and inspiring experience for us and we hope to see them again in the coming weekends. Here are the 2-minute highlights: April 18: Memory April 25: Attention & Speed

Next up is on 'Logic & Reasoning' this Saturday, May 2nd 10AM.


Why take our


If you're looking to:

  • resolve your child's learning struggles

  • enhance learning ability

  • decide what enrichment activities to take

Consider taking our assessment as a first step. By knowing your child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, you gain insight of how she learns so you can plan for her future better. Inquire today.

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