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Try Brain Training for Yourself 🌟

Why should you train your brain? Regular exercise is good for the body, but did you know that the same is true for the brain? Strong cognitive skills are critical because these are the very skills our brain uses to read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. Brain training uses mental exercises that target and strengthen the brain's Core Cognitive Skills; and in turn, making learning and processing information easier and faster! Want to feel your brain at work? Try this activity below:

First, call out the color of each arrow from left to right, top to bottom. Easy, right? Now, call out the direction of each arrow. This time, try to do it in no more than 20 seconds. Not that hard, too, right? Let's take it up a notch. Call out the direction of each arrow as if they were moved a quarter-turn clockwise. Try to get that done in 20 seconds. If you still haven't broken a sweat, then let's move on. Call out the color of the UP and DOWN arrows, and call out the direction of the LEFT and RIGHT arrows (this requires divided attention). Once you have mastered this, let's try saying RED for YELLOW and BLUE for GREEN. Keep track of your time until you're able to do it quickly and smoothly. Lastly, call out the direction of the arrow as if RED and GREEN were moved a quarter-turn clockwise, and YELLOW and BLUE were moved a quarter-turn counterclockwise. By now, you will have found yourself not only doing the familiar ones easier, but mastering each new variation faster as well. This is because your brain is growing new connections to handle the challenges! Now, did you feel your brain working? This is what it's like to do training with BrainRx. One-on-one brain training effectively targets cognitive weaknesses by tailor-fitting each session and encouraging clients to work past their comfort levels!


Here's more...

Click on the preview image above and try brain training for yourself with this interactive video from LearningRx, the parent company of BrainRx!

Call us at 801-2475 to get started!

Note: BrainRx is a condensed version of the LearningRx program which is only available in North America.


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