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Teaching kids to set & track goals

Do You Have A Goal?

With our limited time and energies, are we focusing efforts on the things that matter? It's never too late to choose what to accomplish, no matter how simple these may be.

'Baby steps' are better than 'no steps'.

Start with reflecting what is meaningful to you and your life involving your family, career, hobbies, etc., while adopting an appreciative and curious approach towards yourself and your life.

In this short video clip, our team did its own reflection as we continue our commitment to reach out and transform more lives, one brain at a time.


In our December 2020 newsletter, we wrote about having family meetings and setting family goals. How did yours go?

Being able to set and achieve goals is an essential skill to succeed in life. There is value instilling these skills in children early on. Having goals not only teaches kids responsibility but also develops a "can-do" attitude while increasing their self-esteem. Instead of setting goals FOR your children, set goals WITH them. We will teach you how to do this and how to guide your child in tracking goals in our webinar on January 30th (Sat) at 10:30am. This free webinar, to be attended by both parent and child, is ideal for 8 to 14 years old but older children are welcome to attend. Turn wishes into goals in this life-skills learning event -- remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish!

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