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Overcome mental blocks with us this 2022!

2022: The year for growth and rediscovery

One thing we all learned in the last two years is summarized in Heraclitus’ age-old saying: “The only constant in life is change”.

As unexpected factors keep arising in our lives, we continuously have to find ways to adapt. In so doing, we learn and unlearn different approaches to go about living.

Having the ability to bounce back from disappointments, failures and to face challenges is key to surviving and thriving.

Are we equipping ourselves, our kids and our teams opportunities to grow this skill?


Have a growth mindset.

People who have a growth mindset think that their abilities, talents and brains are not fixed and can be developed. They act accordingly--such as being more welcoming towards challenging tasks and not giving up as easily.

Make time to join us on January 29th to learn how we can empower our children in their learning journey. We will explore different ways to help instill a growth mindset, and how this improves skills and talents.

Register by scanning the QR code in the poster invite or clicking on the button below:


Search for BrainRx Global Student of the Year 2021

We are very proud to present 4 of our wonderful students as nominees for this award!

Julia, Yza, Santi and Sam went through amazing changes after taking the BrainRx program. All worked very hard during their sessions, and developed better cognitive skills, mindsets, approach to learning and life. They make fine examples to both children and adults alike!


Can we can help someone you know?

Check out our website, Facebook or Instagram pages... or reach out to us!

The first step students like Julia, Yza, Santi and Sam above do is to take a Cognitive Skills Assessment. This helps parents understand children better by looking at how strong the cognitive skills are (memory, visual processing, speed, logic, etc.).



Brain vector image from Plaid for Women

Growth mindset description from The Learning Scientists

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