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BrainRx for your wellbeing!

Make our cognitive skill training programs part of your activities to improve brain power and overall wellbeing. We work with kids as young as 4.5 years old to adults!

Catch us at the Wellness Floor of Menarco Tower, a WELL- and LEED Gold-certified building along 32nd Street. See you soon ✨


How to Love Our Brains

Speaking of wellness, why not celebrate loving and taking care of yourself this love month of February? Everyday, we spend a LOT of time using our brains to perform tasks--from the moment we wake up and visualize our plans for the day, to remembering reminders, organizing, problem-solving and tackling new information, to making dinner and recalling the events of the day at the dinner table. Here are some ways to show love to your brain:

1. Get proper exercise: Regular physical exercise can be very tiring to do but the effects are quite beneficial! It can help develop new nerve cells and increase connections between brain cells, lower low blood pressure, cholesterol levels and reduce stress.

2. Maintain a proper diet: A good, balanced diet gives the right nutrients and improves cognitive performance. One diet to consider is the Mediterranean diet, consisting of plant-based foods, fish, whole grains, and healthy fats, which has been linked to lesser chances of cognitive impairment. 3. Sleep well: A good night's sleep of 7 to 8 hours does wonders for brain health. When you sleep, the brain is able to rest, repair itself, and strengthen memories.

4. Socialize with others: Making and maintaining connections with loved ones can help your mental health and decrease chances of stress and depression. Choose people who genuinely lift you up, who appreciate you. Find your tribe.

5. Take time to destress: Find what works for you and the time to relieve yourself of stress. It could be meditation, breathing exercises, listening to music, working on an enjoyable hobby, etc. 6. Stimulate and challenge the mind: Besides physical exercise, your brain also needs mental stimulation. Consider doing puzzles or art, learning a new skill, playing an instrument, reading something new, or perhaps brain training? We grow when we challenge ourselves. In this month of love, take time to appreciate yourself and your brain! We only have one brain so let's take good care of it.


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