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Is your child's brain wired for reading | Free Yellowtail Wine promo

Is Your Brain Wired for Reading?

Do you know that reading is a complex process? While it only takes milliseconds for your brain to process each word you are reading now, there's so much going on. Your brain, through your eyes, looks for visual patterns and translates these into recognizable letters, images or codes. It then blends the letter codes and figures out what meaning these give while tapping into the memory bank as it aims to make accurate interpretation from all the inputs that arise along the way.

For strong readers, this complex process of reading is fast and easy because their brain's wiring promotes such. Weak readers, on the other hand, experience the opposite. It takes more effort for their brains to go through the various mini-processes, resulting to reading becoming a time-consuming task because of the many detours taken. Refer to the BrainRx illustration above to appreciate the different tasks our brains handle when we read.

It is therefore important for family members and educators to closely observe a student who struggles with reading.

  • Why is he having a hard time?

  • What are the blocks?

  • What is causing these blocks?

  • Could it be the learning environment in school or at home?

  • Could it be a lack of good early reading foundation?

  • If motivation is lacking, what's causing it?

In being observant and analytical, the path to finding solutions becomes more intentional and strategic. Many wonderful reading programs and support specialists exist but the key is in choosing one that fits the case. Why keep using a hammer when a screwdriver is the right tool?

AERA, a term coined here at our BGC center, is an iterative approach we could use:

  • Awareness: Observe & note behavior.

  • Explore: Shift one factor. Experiment. (ex. trying a different book genre?)

  • Reflect: What worked? What could be better?

  • Adjust: Implement changes based on your discoveries.

Understanding the causes of your child's reading struggles allows you to take the interventions for better reading and learning. Learn more on what reading is like for strong readers vs. poor readers from BrainRx Philippines co-founder Mel Sua below:


Read with ease through ReadRx

Our center's specialty is in strengthening cognitive skills--we don't do tutoring, review or academic teaching. Instead, we function like a 1-on-1 mental gym where we train the brain's underlying skills used in reading, learning, spelling, math, planning, and many other tasks. We have successfully worked with students with reading blocks are caused by weak attention (such as inability to have thoughts stay on track), or auditory processing which causes difficulty with decoding and reading fluidity. Sometimes, memory is weak, resulting to problems with retention or recall, or with visual processing or logic skills where the student is unable to visualize or make sense of what he's reading. In all such cases, the brain's processing skills CAN be trained and rewired for reading.

Speaking of interventions, our BGC center offers ReadRx, a one-on-one program that focuses on sound-to-code reading and spelling as well as underlying skills that are crucial to reading. Aside from honing literacy skills such as decoding, comprehension, spelling sounds and awareness, and reading fluency, we also build on core cognitive skills like long-term memory, processing speed, working memory, and auditory processing.

When these skills are built, struggling readers become strong readers!

* Results in USA

If your child struggles with reading, we can help you screen if cognitive skill weakness/es are the cause:


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Slow and steady wins the READING race: B.'s #MyBrainRx Story

This bright 14-year-old with reading and memory concerns had strong strong cognitive skills in several but weaknesses:




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