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In shaping your child's brain--choose wisely

How do you select your child's activities?

When choosing your child's activities, be they for summer or during the school year, be intentional in selecting purposeful activities that align to what your child really needs. Here are questions to help you get started:

1. What's your goal for this child? Long-term vs. for the next 12 months vs. short term? 2. What's he/she strong in? What needs enhancement? 3. What does he/she enjoy? Avoids? Look for patterns in reactions and behavior.

Are you using the right tools to grow your child according to your goals? Content-type of enrichment and support programs are useful when addressing a child's curiosity or addressing gaps in knowledge and skills. This is where learning courses, tutoring, reviews or drilling lessons come in handy. If you want to work on the brain's thinking ability-- recall, focus or general processing--choose activities that train these specifically. For example, our BrainRx brain training levels up the skills needed to improve how the brain handles inputs to produce the output needed. In this way, the processes of paying attention, remembering and comprehending become more automatic--which then makes learning more efficient and less effortful.

Watch this interview. We love busy working couple David and Karmela's strategic approach in parenting their kids with with love, discipline and fun. When they encountered some blocks, they wanted to gain a better understanding of how their children think.

If you're not sure what your child needs, start with a Cognitive Skills Assessment to find out how strong his cognitive processes are. Then tailor your activity choices to what he/she needs.


101,000+ brains changed globally!

Not only were cognitive skills strengthened in those brains, but a more positive outlook on life was developed. How can BrainRx's brain training be this holistic? Watch this TEDx talk by cognitive and educational psychologist, Dr. Amy Moore.


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