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Hey, I now see pictures in my head!

Hey, I now see pictures in half of my head!

A few years back, a 9-year-old student with reading concerns surprised us with that comment halfway through his training program with us.

Whenever he reads, he described seeing "black" inside his head. This boy couldn't visualize what he was reading. Although he could pronounce every word correctly in age-appropriate texts, he didn't have the understanding and recall. (We discovered his working memory and visual processing skills were weak.)

This article aptly talks about the power of having strong visualization skills and how it relates to reading and learning: "If You Can't Imagine Things, How Can You Learn?".

Improving reading skill is not just about increasing exposure, vocabulary or grammar knowledge. Sometimes, addressing a more foundational aspect like strengthening the underlying cognitive skills (focus, memory, visual & auditory processing, etc.) is needed. Watch this video to learn how the brain uses cognitive skills to read and process information.

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