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Here's Our Thank You Gift For YOU 💙

4 Gifts You Can Give Your Child

(And our thank you gift for you!)

Giving gifts seem to be more complicated (and more expensive!) in the 21st century, but finding gifts for your child need not be difficult. Aside from beautifully wrapped presents, here are some intangible gifts you can give your child that can last a lifetime:

  1. The gift of time. We can be very busy as parents, especially because we want to build a good future and lead a good path for our children. But more than just that, children also need to be able to explore the world around them with us holding their hands. Make time to see them grow. Let them talk through a bad day. Help them pick themselves up when they fall down. Build a strong emotional connection with them. Celebrate the little victories. This doesn't have to mean sacrificing your own life to cater to your child; after all, making time for your child is not about quantity but quality!

  2. The gift of play. Education is important, but learning should not be confined merely in the four walls of school or university. As Albert Einstein has said, "Play is the highest form of research." Allow your kids to have time away from school to explore, experiment, and find answers to their own questions so they can learn how to navigate life, find their passion and their own voice, and discover new skills, concepts, and ideas.

  3. The gift of compassion and gratitude. Encourage an attitude of compassion and gratitude in your child - this can start with a gratitude list every day, or sitting with your child and sharing with each other the things you are grateful for. Encourage children to say "thank you" to the servers at restaurants, helpers, janitors; even to friends who offer them a helping hand, or the teachers who look out for them. It's the little acts of kindness that are easily ingrained into daily lives that become habits and then character. More importantly, let's lead by example!

  4. The gift of creativity. This Christmas, instead of having your gifts wrapped over the counter, try holding a gift-wrapping day/night with your child. Also, create your own decorations and gifts, and spend quality time with your child while teaching him/her creativity. There are thousands of DIY activities online that are low-cost and easy-to-do!

Gifts need not be big and extravagant. Sometimes, all your child needs is you. 💙


Here's Our Thank You Gift For You

Before 2017 comes to an end, we would like to say thank you - our mailing list subscribers, our past and present clients, our partners, our trainers, our employees, and everyone else who has helped us gain another year of changing lives.

We would like to give you the gift of a better and stronger brain.

We are giving away (10) P1,000 discount vouchers for our Cognitive Skills Assessment! (P2,500 instead of P3,500 for a 1-hour assessment, a comprehensive report with percentile rank, standard score, and age equivalency per cognitive skill), and a 1-hour consultation.

Promo Mechanics:

1. This offer is on a first-come-first-served basis until stocks last. 2. Discount vouchers are strictly limited to (2) per family. 3. Assessment/s should be taken on or before January 20, 2018. 4. Call 801-2475 or 0917-778-5889 to schedule.


Thank you, Manila for Kids!

Click on the photo above to read our latest feature on Manila for Kids! Learn more about what we do, and how we change lives. Thank you, Ortrud Yao, for sharing your story about your 8-year-old son! 🌟

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