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Help... My Child Can’t Focus!

Many parents who come to us raise concerns about their children's focus and attention (or lack thereof) and seek explanations and solutions. Knowing how to help children focus better is a major key to unlocking their full potential.

Here's an excerpt from an insightful article on what to do when a child's mind wanders:

"Teaching, as James describes, is dependent on the mentor-disciple encounter. It’s an interaction between two minds: one that is well-trained and another on its way to being so. However, both minds at any moment during this interaction are undergoing what James first termed “the stream of consciousness,” a perpetually flowing stream of sensations, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Consequently, the duty of the best teachers should be to provide the student with the means to harness this stream and delve into it without distraction, a method called “attending.” According to James’ magnum opus, “The Principles of Psychology,” an education that helps the mind of a student voluntarily bring back a wandering attention, over and over again, would be the education par excellence." Read more here.


You Are Invited!

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