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Figuring out how to manage the kids during summer? Read on!

Summer in Quarantine? We didn't expect it, either.

Make the most out of the next few months when kids are staying home and we have nowhere to go. If focus is an area of concern for your kids, we invite you to engage with us over Zoom as we exchange ideas on how to keep our kids' brains active and prevent summer brain drain while keeping well over the summer (and ourselves sane).


Take a Brain Break!

Sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time has become the new normal. Having breaks or short games can help kids clear their minds, shake off excess energy, and stay more engaged even in online activities. But even during the summer, kids can benefit from such activities as they take breaks from the screen. Here are some ideas you can try at home:

Challenge your kids to body-brain teasers! Get them to stand up or walk while:

  • Patting the head and rubbing the tummy at the same time

  • Winking with the right eye while snapping the left fingers

  • Rolling head in one direction while circling the tongue the opposite way

Create an improvised sensory pathway using chalk on a sidewalk, driveway or black top. Here's a sample.

Experts say these also help students develop motor skills, including balance, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Do a scavenger hunt! It can be a simple game like finding items that begin with the letter A. Incorporate math and creativity by finding items that can fit in a 1m x 1m Minecraft room. Marry with functional home chores like finding items in the pantry that you need for your menu of the day.

Check this out for more brain break and game ideas.


Use it or lose it!

Summer slide is a real phenomenon that's been researched about. It's when students tend to lose the knowledge and skills acquired during the school year. Arrest this by having kids do activities that support what they've learned.

This is also a great time to do intensive brain training with us--skills gained do not only stay for this summer, but will support them into becoming independent learners.

Contact us at 0917 710 3479 / 8801 24 75 or visit our website to learn how you can improve thinking skills in a way different from your usual summer activities.


"When I first started BrainRx, I had a hard time focusing on tasks in and out of school. I didn't always submit on time, and my math skills were not confident. [...] Now as I finish, I realize I'm submitting on time, I'm organized and focused on tasks, and my math has improved so much! Thank you BrainRx for teaching me to challenge myself and keep on trying."

- 12 year old Carolina

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