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#EmpowerYourself | 2-for-1 assessment offer till March 31 only

That's a wrap!

Thank you for celebrating

Brain Awareness Week 2021

with us!

Last March 13, 2021, we held GRIT: Stories of Empowerment, a Facebook live event where BrainRx students, trainers, and professionals from different fields came together to discuss the life-changing power of grit, resilience, and cognitive skills training.

🧠9:19 - BrainRx Philippines co-founders Mel Sua and Joy Go talk about well-being and brain training 🧠20:56 - Host Eri tests his memory skills, and Joy explains how cognitive skills factor in 🧠30:21 - Ray Recina shares how he conquered difficulties with academics, self-esteem and home life 6 years ago 🧠49:36 - Teen Yza and mom Charmaine try out their skills in the Arrows game 🧠1:06:40 - Child psychologist Dr. Sabrina Tan discusses grit vs. resilience, executive functions of the brain, and strategies 🧠1:32:00 - 12-year-old Tobey reflects on his past struggles with focus and emotional regulation 🧠1:46:35 - 8-year-old Benz with mom KC join the Colored Word game 🧠1:56:00 - Breast cancer survivor Audrey Go looks back on her cognitive struggles 🧠2:19:33 - Anju, Carolina and Santi try out the memory word list challenge 🧠2:28:40 - BrainRx Global Heads Andy and Dr. Pooneh Roney discuss global trends, latest research on learning and brain training, and impact across cultures 🧠2:54:18 - Joy, Mel, and Eri talk with columnist/entrepreneur/educator Maye Yao Co Say on her path of lifelong learning 🧠3:10:07 - Eri announces 2-for-1 assessment offer


Why are Cognitive Skills Important for Learning?

Have you ever wondered how strong your memory skill is? How some things seem stick to your son's memory better--like lyrics to a song, but not the science topic you just taught him? Learn how memory works in kids and how important working memory is.

Attention is like a funnel: we take in only select information among everything our senses pick up. Undoubtedly, attention is vital when it comes to learning. This article explains how kids pay attention and how to help them pay attention to the important stuff.

Notice how some kids absorb or process information faster than others? Often, their mental processing speed plays a role here. Get more insight into this important cognitive skill by looking at what could possibly happen in a day in the life of a child with slow processing speed.

Watch a child figure out Lego instructions, or navigate

coordinates in a treasure map. Visual processing is one skill at work here. It is an extremely valuable skill as we use it in nearly everything we do. Know more about how visual-spatial processing affects a child's ability to read, do math and sports.

Auditory processing--the skill that the brain uses when processing sounds--plays a huge role in listening and reading comprehension. When underdeveloped, it greatly impacts a child's day-to-day life. Here's a closer look on a condition called Auditory Processing Disorder.

Regardless of age, we face situations requiring us to use our logic and reasoning skill such as problem-solving, doing math, debating, organizing projects or structuring our writing . Here are two articles explaining why concrete reasoning is the foundation of learning and why children need to use abstract reasoning in school.


If you'd like to know how strong your child's cognitive skills are, book a cognitive skills assessment. Read up on what to expect.



Book 2 assessments for the price of 1 -- only until March 31, 2021!

Get a chance to receive a BrainRx scholarship grant

for assessments done from March 13 to April 30, 2021.

Call now to inquire: 0917 710 3479 / 8801 24 75

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