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Come attend our special 10th birthday Learning Event! 🧠

BrainRx Philippines turns 10! 🎉

We made it to 10! Huge thanks to our students, clients, team members and all of you in our community! We appreciate you being part of our journey of learning and growing.

We hope you can join us on our special event on March 19 via Facebook Live:

In this special 10th year anniversary event led by our co-founders Joy and Mel, we share insights on how we could support children as parents, educators and stakeholders as we focus on the themes of learning, well-being and cognitive skills.

  • Get candid perspectives from children and a practicing physician with a passion for learning and teaching as they talk about what it's like to learn well and be well

  • Listen to hands-on parents who are also career professionals share what works for them

  • Learn from an educational and cognitive psychologist who works with people with various cognitive needs and has assessed over 1,000 children

Celebrate and learn with us on March 19! Follow us on Facebook to receive event updates. Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign of the Dana Foundation to promote brain science.

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