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Celebrating Our Students' Successes 🌟

Here at BrainRx, seeing our students grow and helping them realize their potential motivates us to keep doing what we do! Here are some students who recently warmed our hearts:

"My dad decided to go to BrainRx [so I can] learn more and have good grades. It was easy at first but got harder many days later. When I took my math test [in school], it was hard and confusing but I only got one mistake! [BrainRx] helped me improve. BrainRx can be good, boring and sleepy, [but] it helped me with reading, memory and learning. I want to say thank you to BrainRx for helping me improve and remember better. Thank you, Teacher Erika,

for helping me achieve more."

-Sean, 10 years old

"BrainRx further strengthened my gravity towards my goal, and more than that, as it taught me that I won't reach anywhere if I don't get myself focused. BrainRx also taught me to be aware of myself, including my weaknesses, and use [them] as an advantage to hone [myself] to become a better person all throughout. With the demands I have as a college student, I have a choice what to prioritize. BrainRx taught me how to utilize [my time and be more organized]." -B, 17 years old

"BrainRx helped me with many things. They helped me with my memory which is slowly improving, my speed, and many more. BrainRx also helped me be more organized with my stuff, learn how to do mental math faster, and concentrate more. Before coming to BrainRx, I was having a hard time with my imagination. I didn't like being expressive, and I wasn't very creative. Now, my imagination has slowly improved, and I'm able to make images in my head to help me remember. Besides doing activities, I also learned many techniques in memorizing information like saying things out loud. I don't only like the activities we do, but also the people. They are very fun and encouraging. If I could, I think I would want to stay longer."

-Martina, 12 years old

"I am [a better] listener now, and I remember things more, like where I put my things. I can memorize the 45 presidents [of the United States] which my family doesn't know!"

-L., 58 years old

"When I first entered BrainRx, I felt scared and shy, but then all of a sudden, my math, my brain and my thinking became faster. I worked hard on both [tabletop & digital exercises], and got lots of A's. [I was able to master] some digital exercises, and also had lots of points to take home with me. I started telling my mom about my digital scores and she was very proud. When I had a test, I got higher scores and I was astonished."

-Edward, 9 years old


Helping Your Child Reach His Full Potential

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Book an Assessment!

The BrainRx Cognitive Skills Assessment assesses one's cognitive abilities through game-like brain challenges done on the computer to pinpoint the exact cause of learning, reading, or performance struggle.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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