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Bye, pandemic schooling--tips to navigate 2023

How's 2023 so far?

Here, we share our personal thoughts on how to navigate the year ahead as we emerge from almost 3 years of pandemic schooling. Start the year with reflection and a plan. Sit down with your children, reflect together and come up with goals. Many children want to do well (believe us, we work with your kids). Oftentimes, they just need an adult to understand, help them sift through their thoughts and analyze how to move forward. We suggest these starting points for reflection:

  • Academics -- Ask: Where am I strong at and why? What do I not like and why? (Ex. What's preventing me from submitting my work on time?)

  • Performance -- Is your child performing at age-appropriate levels? What does your child think? Consider also communication, social, cognitive, physical skills, etc.

  • Achievement -- What goals could you both aim for this year? How do you jointly reach them? What's missing to reach the next level?

  • Well being -- Is your child thriving? Are you? What are the blocks to work on to achieve this? What steps can you / your child take as a starting point?

Write things down. Your aim to keep clarity over the next several months. Have regular conversations with your children (very important), their teachers, and if they have--tutors and support people throughout the year. It is important to share your goals with people (e.g. teachers, tutors, caregivers, coaches etc) that could support your child in their journey and engage in a regular, collaborative two-way communication about your child’s progress throughout the year. It takes a village to raise a child. It helps to have other accountability partners that can help support you and your child. Block time off in your calendar to help you to keep track. Ask help from professionals when you're unable to find solutions. It's perfectly alright to make mistakes and adjust along the way. Making mistakes is part of the learning journey as humans, parents, educators and students. What's important is that you made it to today, and that alone is a lot to be grateful for. Wishing you a lovely 2023, Joy Go & Mel Sua Co-founders, BrainRx Philippines


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