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4 Tips to Improve Your Brain at Any Age ☑

Better Brain at Any Age!

No matter how old you are, you can train the brain to learn easier, think faster, and perform better. Here are 4 tips to improving and maintaining a sharp and healthy brain:

  1. Be curious & ask questions. Don't take everything at face value. Question everything and think about innovations and new ideas. You will see a marked increase in your creative thinking. Engaging in conversations also entails a high level of mental activity, especially for children. The more conversations you have with them, the more intelligent they will be. Ask your child to name objects or solve puzzles. Ask them questions like "What do you think happens next?" or "What do you think this word means?" when you read stories to them. Likewise, engage in more intellectual conversations yourself and exercise your brain!

  2. Get physical & feed your brain right. Exercise can slow down aging, increase blood flow to the brain and increase memory and focus. Even adding moderate exercise to your daily routine is believed to help delay dementia. The right nutrition is also mandatory for a healthier brain. Take a pick from these brain enhancers: spinach, walnuts, grape seed oil, olive oil, turmeric, blueberries, coffee. Spinach is rich in vitamins C & E, which have been shown to help cognitive abilities. Turmeric is known to help fight the symptoms of traumatic brain injury and stroke, and blueberries have been found to slow down age-related brain decline and improve short-term memory loss.

  3. Train your brain to welcome challenges wherever you are. Memorize phone numbers or credit card numbers. Turn off your GPS and go old school by following a map and your senses. Refrain from using a calculator. Assemble a piece of furniture yourself by referring to the manual first before calling for any help. Learn a new language. (People who speak at least two languages appear to have a huge delay in the onset of symptoms of Alzheimer's.)

  4. Enroll in one-on-one brain training. Studies show that one-on-one brain training can improve brain function and raise IQ, even for people well in their 70s. Researchers have proven that testing (repeated retrieval) improves target memory, acute memory (remembering the stimulus), and associative memory (remembering the relationship between things). Strengthening cognitive skills (like processing speed and the three types of attention) can actually slow and reduce some of the mental effects of aging. Find out how BrainRx by LearningRx can help you improve your brain at any age here.


Real Stories from Real Clients

"BrainRx helped me with my spelling, reading, and math. I can remember things better and do math easier now!"

- Kate, 10 years old, after training with BrainRx for 2 months (Philippines)

“My son has completed a month of training and I am amazed, myself, by his improvement. His math computation speed has drastically improved. He watches less TV now and actually asks me for more books to read.”

- Parent of a BrainRx student (international)

"After training for 40 hours, we are finally seeing a breakthrough. I discovered that my student has been having trouble seeing parallel lines as they are. At our center's suggestion, he went back to his pediatric ophthalmologist who ruled out physical problems with his eyes. He's finally able to see those parallel lines like how we do. In the same week, the mom shared that it's easier to tutor him with his homework. He has also voiced out that he's understanding what he's reading in school. Hopefully, he continues to improve."

- BrainRx trainer of an 8-year-old Xavier School boy (Philippines)


With 95,000 client lives changed worldwide, a 9.6/10 average client satisfaction, a 21-point IQ change (based on controlled study), 1-year retention rates of 96-99% (pre, post and follow-up standard scores), and 35 years of research, BrainRx is the world's leading one-on-one brain training program.

Find out how strong your cognitive skills are and improve your brain at any age. Call 801-2475 or send us an e-mail!

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