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4 Things Our Student of the Year Taught Us | October is ADHD & Dyslexia Awareness Month

Lessons from our Tiger

(Student of the Year 2020)

Recently, we selected 12-year-old Tiger Lloren as our first ever BrainRx Philippines Student of the Year. The transformation in his focus, self-regulation, comprehension and self-esteem in the first 6 months still amazes us whenever we think back. That experience taught and reminded us a few things, the first two of which go hand-in-hand:

Lesson #1: Just try and try, and never lose hope.

Lesson #2: Be open-minded to allow space for possibilities.

Without the love, open-mindedness and support from Tiger's parents and people who work with him, things would've turned out so differently for this boy.

How did his mom ever cope and manage throughout the years, we wondered. We knew first-hand how challenging it was--how he could not hold eye contact or respond right away, how he'd get so easily frustrated and shout/cry, and how he wouldn't (and couldn't) follow instructions. What a relief to see these changed!

Lesson #3: Respect not only the child's but also the parents' journey.

We have so much respect for parents like Tanya and Dom who go through mountains for their child. What can we learn from them, specially at this time when things seem so challenging? Tanya will share her experience as a mom through a Q&A FB Watch Party with Joy, our co-founder. If you'd like to watch, tune in to our FB page on October 13th Tuesday at 4pm.

Lesson #4: Do things that give your heart joy. Be inspired! Our work changes lives and inspires us to be better persons. It gives meaning and propels us to continue what we're doing. Call it purpose, advocacy, vocation, passion... it's fuel highly valued during challenging moments.

Reflection: What lessons do you learn from your child or student? What inspires you?


October is ADHD & DYSLEXIA Awareness Month

This month, we focus--pun intended--on ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia (abnormal reading), common diagnoses given to children and adults by developmental pediatricians and psychologists. We improve the brain's ability to focus, visualize, process visual and auditory inputs, comprehend and remember so that paying attention and learning become less effortful. Our programs' efficacy have been documented in scientific journals.

TIP: If you are keen to help someone with ADD/ADHD or Dyslexia, watch our FB space in the next 7 days! Take advantage :)

In our next event this October 10th, understand the causes of poor focus, and get tips and insights on how to improve your child's focus for better home learning...

Register here for the free event (or scan QR code above)

SAVE THE DATE! Oct 10 Sat 10:30am Don't forget, don't regret :)

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