Changing Lives in the Philippines 

 From 1’s and 2’s (out of 5), his grades went up to 3’s and 4’s with a recent 5 in Math – a subject he had the most difficulty with before. I don’t need to tutor him anymore at home as he  studies on his own now. Our relationship is better.         

 - Rus, father of Paolo, 15yo
C., 8yo, MGC New Life Christian Academy

I find math easier, and follow instructions faster and easier. During a computer test, I thought my answers were wrong, but I pushed the ‘being scared’ feeling away, and got a perfect score. 

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Terence, 10yo,

My experience in BrainRx is so fun. Some students don’t enjoy their sessions but me, I enjoy them very much. Everyone there is very kind…Even though I’m not that good, my trainer keeps telling me to push whenever my brain gets tired.

Mom of C., 16yo, ICA Greenhills

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“C is an honor student, but she has verbalized difficulty in studying (i.e. constantly re-reading parts from long sections, and ends up spending too much time). We have seen significant improvement in her comprehension skills after her 6 months with BrainRx.

Mom of G., 13yo,
British School Manila

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He came home several times telling me he had finished his classwork first and was sometimes even helping the other students. He was very proud of himself as he had always struggled in Math in particular.

 B., 11yo, Xavier School

It was very fun but before BrainRx I was different. I was distracted and always thinking slower. I noticed it was getting harder but some activities made it fun.

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Mom of C., Student with Dyslexia & ADD

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C  is easier to teach now because he understands concepts faster. He can also read better, and doesn’t just look at the pictures anymore, like when reading comic books.

Joey, 40yo,

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I realized that I tend to panic and get distracted when I am not able to solve the task at hand. With the training sessions [at BrainRx], I learned to deal with that, and hopefully, be able to apply it at work and in my everyday life.

 Richmond, 50yo 

I was surprised that now I have reached the age of 50, my skills have deteriorated. Either by lack of polishing, lack of practice or due to bad habits adapted all the years.

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 N., 10yo, International School Manila

I feel like I am able to memorize things better in school. I was also able to anticipate my opponent’s next move while we were playing hide-and-seek in school.

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K., 8yo, Beacon International School

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I remember that i was not very good at my first time..

 S., 12yo,
Everest Academy

Before coming to BrainRx, I was having a hard with my imagination. I didn't like being expressive and wasn't very creative

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Aid of  J., 25yo

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BrainRx has helped a lot in improving our special boy's daily living. He has improved his way of communication with other people. He has improved a lot with his focus and is now able to multitask.

Clients from our flagship center in

Bonifacio Global City share their experience 


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 Rafa, 10 years old

" I wasn't memorizing or doing maths like a traditional class.  I was learning real-life skills that I started to apply to my daily life. I noticed that  I was thinking more clearly and focusing more, which meant that  I was able to think through an idea or thought from start to end, which I had a hard time doing before the program. My experience here is just another testament to the power of one's will and determination and that if we put or mind into doing something and commit to it, nothing is truly impossible."

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